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Luxury Smart Home Automation Solutions

At SOV Property, we firmly believe that smart home automation elevates the homeowner's experience to unprecedented levels.  

In our unwavering commitment to crafting homes like no other, we have partnered with a two-time award-winning specialist smart home automation company to offer the ultimate smart home solution !! 

This is done by making the electronic components and systems you may already use on a daily basis work together, seamlessly. 

So, by integrating everything from lighting, music, video, heating and hot water control, electronic blinds or curtains, security alarms or CCTV —Savant, Crestron and RTI creates you a personalised experience based on what is important to you as a homeowner. Also offering the additional benefits of enhanced savings, convenience and peace of mind for you and your family.

All the systems we use are modular and completely customisable so we can make the system control any equipment you have, or may choose to have in the future, exactly the way you want. Whether your needs are centred around your entertainment system or you wish to open your electric gate or garage, answer the door or monitor the children from the comfort of your sofa.

With one press of a button you can turn your TV on to your favourite channel, boil the kettle, lock the door and dim the lights all ready for a relaxing evening. A simple keypad or remote control can be programmed to set a lighting scene, select the audio source and close the curtains ready for a movie night. Secure your home and turn off all your devices before bed or set up a ‘holiday mode’ for when you are away.

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